YEAR 2015

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.

It was a commemorative year full of enthusiasm and the motivation to do something new and great. To continue the good legacy that was left behind the last year's batch, BWORLD was conducted. The Year was a great success like the previous year's . New records were put by the batch of 2015 . The fest deliver the most unique discothèque of the town to the students of various schools. 



Akshay Pahuja

Saksham Gupta

Mridul Jain 
Jayash Agarwal

Rachit Agarwal 
Hardik Makhija

Danish Rallan 
Shrey Chanana 
Harsh Vardhan Solanki

Anmol Vij 
Aman Agarwal 



Chief Executive Officer

Managing Director Internal

Managing Director External

Chief Finance Officer

Chief Operative Officer

Chief Strategic Officer

Executive Director External Executive Director Internal  


Dr. Manish Magan

The Vanguard 
"Leaders aren't born, they are made."

Sajith Anjickal

Simarjeet Singh Satia

Prafful Garg 
Aniket Patni 
Simar Singh

Shashank Dawar

Aditya Singh 
Mukul Jain 
Shubham Saxena

Aman Doneria 

Prime Minister 
Captain, St. Paul's House

Dy. Prime Minister

Captain, Football Team

Captain, Tug-Of-War 

Captain, Hockey Team

Minister for Discipline

Minister for Health 

Minister for Cultural Affairs


Shubh Solanki 
Garvit Saraswat

Harsh Vardhan 
Nikhil Goyal 

Aayush Agarwal

Sushant Mukherjee

Yashodhan Singh

Unais Rub