It was a commemorative year in the history of Commerce Club . There was a motivation to do something new and that results to the birth of BWORLD .  The fest was conducted for a first time , fully organised by the Commerce Club of batch-2014 of the ST. Peter's College under the guidance of Mentor Manish Mangan and Rev Fr. Paul Thannickal. The idea to do something and the hard work put up by the students  bring fame to the college and brought a never ending experience to the students of the city .  

YEAR 2014

If you can dream it, you can do it.




Shobhit Maheshwari

Harshit Agarwal

Vineet Ahuja 
Yash Guwalani

Sagar Arora

Chitrank Gupta

Saksham Mittal

Sachin Sharma

Aayush Sachdeva

Mehul Gupta

Adhar Sharma 

Faculty Members

Mr. Clement Bonjour

Mrs. Shanu Mahajan

Chief Executive Officer

Managing Director Internal Managing Director External

Chief Financing Officer

Chief Strategic Officer

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Member, Board Of Director 


Chief Patron

Dr. Manish Magan

The Vanguard 
"Leaders aren't born, they are made:'

Atharva Mittal
Sarthak Kalra
Rohan Verma
Anshul Garg
Ansh Kohli
Naman Benara
Sharad Garg
Sajith Anjickal
Samkit Jain


Prime Minister
College Captain
Captain St.Lawrence House
Skating Captain
Minister For Discipline
Minister For Health
College Vice Captain
Minister For Finance


Saurav Surana

Kunal Agarwal